Work Wanderlust Balance

Let’s be realistic, not everyone can just quit their jobs or end their current careers to become a full time traveler. Yes, there are people out there that have done it; but more have tried and failed than those that have tried and succeeded. As much as I love to travel, and wish that I could do that for a living without working a “traditional” job/career- I know that the grass  is not always greener on the other side. So I’ve decided
that I won’t allow my current job or career interfere with my love to travel. I take advantage of my vacation, personal, sick days and those lovely three-day holidays.
I know so many people who work and work but never get the chance to enjoy their money or take a break to go a way to relax, even if it’s a drive out of town. Some people think that it is impossible to do or too expensive. Which I on the other hand believe is completely false; people underestimate the power of the Internet and knowing how to research and filter through all the information that it has.

I am here to provide tips on how I am able to travel frequently without my breaking the bank and dipping into my savings and also share my stories and experiences of my travel life.

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