“How do you find these deals?”

Everyone has an addiction, something that brings him or her some kind of feeling whether it is good or bad. Mine happens to traveling and experiencing new places and things; so I am constantly researching flights, vacation spots, and anything else that would remove me from my normal routine of going to work and staying within my comfort zone.

So let me walk you all through my “almost-daily” routine…after waking up and mentally preparing myself to deal with not living on an amazing island, I take the 8am ferry to Manhattan and while I am on the ferry I catch up on anything that I may have missed while I was sleeping- news, events, etc. But most of all I am checking different websites and social pages to see if there are any error fares or deals on flights.

I do this LITERALLY every morning (addicted). If you remember in my post about Abu Dhabi & Dubai, U.A.E. I mentioned that i found out about the deal through Twitter; the Southwest sale to Dallas- Twitter, the JetBlue sale to Puerto Rico, and my most recent trip to Miami…Twitter..so you could see why I use it as one of my reliable sources.

And it’s not only that I am on Twitter just aimlessly looking for a sale or error fare; but I actually follow a number of flight deal handles as well as individuals that consider themselves global wanders. I am even in several travel listings simply from being a travel blogger and always tweeting about traveling or when I have traveled.

So when people ask me “how do you find these deals?, “How are you always traveling” and things of that nature” First I look at them and saying “It’s not that hard”…then I simply tell them because I am always researching..basically stalking the Internet. I know so many people who find deals and everyone has their own art to it; and honestly I am still looking for a way to find great deals that doesn’t involve me constantly ‘stalking the Internet’.

I tell people all the time “I don’t know where I am going, but I am going”; this mind set makes it so much easier for me to travel because most of the times I don’t know where I want to go until I see a deal that I can’t walk away from.

Below are some screenshots of a few deals that I have found in the past:


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  1. carmelle says:

    you should try travelpirates as well.they always have deals on vacations


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