Kalakuta Republic (Fela Kuti) Museum

The home to many pictures, newspaper articles and collections of Mr. Fela Kuti. The Museum is located on Allen Avenue on 7 Gbemisola Road in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It was Fela’s house! The entrance fee is 1000 Naira which is equivalent to about $2.79 (from everything I experienced on this tour, I think the entrance fee needs to be increased). It’s a four-floor tour with the top floor being a pub/lounge. They are also building a hotel on top floor.

The tour:


If you’re lucky you’ll get Fela’s son Kunle Kuti to be your tour guide. From that alone I was super hype. I brought my parents along with me because they didn’t know this museum existed and they were interested to see what it would be about.

On the first level you start off viewing the album covers of Fela’s music. Along the walls and parts of the ceilings are murals of Fela and some of his lyrics. There is a gift shop on this floor as well. As you’re going up the stairs you get to step into Fela’s life a little more; you see pictures of his mother; his 27 wives and his children. (I literally wanted to take pictures and videos of everything).

On the second floor in the hall way you see his guitar and piano on the wall and then straight ahead…Fela’s room! Like what! His room exactly how he left it! I was literally in awe; just soaking everything in as I looked at his bed, the sheets, his clothes hung and his instrument on the floor. Like this is Fela’s room! Wow! Then we went into another room and it’s his shoes and some of his underwear that he liked to wear around the house.

There are different rooms throughout the museum that help you to get a better understanding of Fela’s life and what he was about. In one room there are strictly newspaper articles all over the wall and a typewriter. Each headline was concerning Fela..whether it was discussing Kalakuta Republic or his mother being a Freedom Fighter.

On the top floor is a lounge/ pub area and murals on the wall. One of Fela and then a wall with some of his sayings or song lyrics. It was truly a dope experience for me and I do encourage everyone to visit the museum. I am happy that my parents could visit also; my mom is still talking about how much she enjoyed it!


Kunle was telling us that they are also working with the government in Abeokuta (Ogun State) to turn Fela’s house there into a museum.

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