Lekki & Victoria Island- Lagos, Nigeria

I had the pleasure of returning back to Nigeria to celebrate my Grandmother’s 90th birthday! And as I was there and traveling about, I figured I should put together a quick blog post of all that I experienced out there. Let me just say- Nigeria has leveled up in many areas, and if it’s not on your bucket list of places to travel, hopefully after reading this post it will be!

Where to stay?

Oriental Hotel in Lekki Phase I. I stayed here during my last visit back in 2018, so it was only right that I returned because it didn’t disappoint the first time. They actually upgraded the social part of the hotel. By the poolside, you can still order food and drinks and now they have Shisha (and it’s only $5,000 naira which equals to less than $13). They have several flavors from Blueberry, Mint, Rose, Watermelon, Strawberry, etc. It is definitely a vibe!

Things to Do:

Brunch at Cafeteria Lagos– as you know I love brunch and this place did not disappoint. I felt like I was at a brunch spot back in the states. They have mimosas ( I suggest in the future they should consider doing Crafts or unlimited mimosas) and many other drinks. Their food is very American based- Chicken and Waffles, French Toast, Pancakes, etc. The food was absolutely amazing, if I had the time I would have went back for another visit.

I highly recommend this a place to visit if staying in Lekki or Victoria Island, it’s pretty small inside but they were able to accommodate our party size of 9.

Here are some pictures of some of our meals:

Dinner at Nok by Alara!-The night before we left Lekki, we had a family dinner at Nok. My Dad is the one who told us about the spot because he went with one of his friends during his trip to Nigeria a few years ago. And again, this place didn’t disappoint. We sat outside, their setup is so cute and relaxing. Their food wasn’t your typical Nigerian food, it was like specialty dishes with hints of other cultures and African countries. They are a little on the pricey side, but nonetheless the food was great.

Below are pictures of my order and the outside area:

Beach day at Landmark Beach: Honestly, I’m not sure what I was expecting but this definitely wasn’t it- and I mean that in the greatest way possible. As soon as we stepped on the beach, I got Miami or island vibes. It made me super proud that Nigeria had a beach that was this dope. You have too book access to the beach online. This helps you reserve your spot on the beach, then you can select if you want a Cabana or another seating option.

There are so many food, drinks and shisha spots and the best thing about it, is that they come to you- so you literally can just stay in your cabana or beachside and order and receive your food and drinks.

The Beach was definitely good vibes, and there is a little restaurant that has a live band that plays live Afro beats music, which was the perfect way to end the night.

If you were considering going to Nigeria, or already have an upcoming trip- I suggest you go to one or more of these places above- it will not disappoint!

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