Sheikh Zayed Mosque (The Grand Mosque)

During my Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE trip I mentioned that we went to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, but i did’t go into much detail in that post. I think it’s only right that I go into a little bit more detail and elaborate on this experience as well as share more photos of the mosque.

On our last day in U.A.E. we drove into Abu Dhabi and stayed in another hotel connected to the Airport, making it easier to have a secure place to put our bags while we roamed the city because our flight was 1:35am. We stayed in the Premier Inn Abu Dhabi for about $89 that day. What I loved about this hotel was that they provided free shuttle rides to The Grand Mosque, The Mall, and the Water Park. After settling in we took the 6pm shuttle to the Grand Mosque.

When we got to the Mosque is was already dark outside, but the beauty and lights of the Mosque lit but the area; it was like lavender/blue-ish lights. We were in awe at how beautiful this Mosque was. There is a room downstairs where they provide Kaftans for free (white for the men and black for the women), or you could bring and wear your own if you want.

Stepping into the mosque is a true breath of fresh air, it’s just amazingly beautiful- all the stone, gold, crystals that are used to create this masterpiece! You could tell that they took their time putting this mosque together, it’s nothing that I’ve ever seen in my life… well I know my words will not suffice so here are the pictures.

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