Be a tourist in your own city


Unfortunately, I have taken a trip in the past 2 months *insert crying face and broken heart*. Fourth of July weekend I was supposed to go on a 5 day getaway to Dallas, Texas with my family for Princess Ava’s first birthday and then….my flight was delayed then officially canceled due to the weather.

But back to the point of this post, so over the past couple months bae and I have been doing a lot of dope and different things. Even though I am kind of over New York City, I must admit there are a lot dope things to do and a lot of hidden gems here.

Views from Staten Island


Art Gallaries:

Black Art: Artifracts & After Effects at the Westbeth Gallery ends July 30th


Views: The Highline

Brunch: Sons of Essex & Miss Lilly’s 7a

Winery: Alba Winery in New Jersey

Central Park: The Loeb Boathouse

Battery Park: Seaglass Carousel 

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