Day Trip: Long Island Wineries & Vineyards

Long Island’s east end is known for their wine region; so Bae and I being wine lovers had to make a trip out there. I thought we were just going to 1 winery but nope we actually went to FOUR! We left home super early to beat traffic but for some reason there was still a lot of traffic. It took us about 2.5 hours to get there.

First Stop: Vineyard 48 I wasn’t really a fan of this place, it wasn’t fancy or pretty. They gave us our wine in clear plastic cups. The one thing that I did like about this spot was the music; apparently that’s the spot to go to for wine drinking and a day party. We paid $10 each for 4 tastings each: we had Strawberry, Merlot, Peach, Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay wines. None of the wines stood out to me so we didn’t buy a bottle.

Second Stop: Macari Vineyard this place was much better than the first. We did a Tasting flight called Estate, which included 3 white wines and 2 red wines. We actually ended up buying 2 bottles of wine from here. During the tasting they gave us these tasty bread sticks. This was my second favorite place.

Third Stop: Lenz Winery this place was more of an impromptu. The inside was really small and there weren’t any seats left so we stood at the bar and did the Red flight which included 5 different red wines…I’m really not a fan on red wine so I didn’t enjoy it as much as a red wine drinker would.

Fourth and Last Stop: Sparkling Pointe which happened to be my FAVORITE of them all. Moe knew what he was doing saving this place for last. Let’s talk about customer service…so on point! We got seated and were talking struggling to take pictures and a worker named Kelly walks over asking if we wanted him to take a picture of us. He took us out back but the pictures were coming out dark so he then says he has the perfect secret spot to take pictures of us and he brings us downstairs to the distillery and wine lab.

He gave us a brief tour on how the wines and champagne are made, he even walked us through the lab and gave us a sample of wine before the second processing. It was truly a great experience, and I never knew how much thought and chemistry goes into making and bottling wine and champagne.  I HIGHLY recommend Sparkling Pointe as a go to. 

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