Barbados: Bachelorette Edition

When one of your closest friends for over 10 years is getting married you must celebrate; so what better way to have the bachelorette party in the beautiful land of Barbados! We stayed at Yellow Bird Hotel in St. Lawrence Gap. Right across the street of our hotel suite is a Worthing Beach and 10 mins away is Dover’s beach. St. Lawrence Gap or “The Gap” is a very popular place to stay and party in Barbados. There are dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs on the strip (all having happy hours from 5-7pm, 7-9pm, or 10-11pm), there are food vendors that set up on the street and you can full meals or snacks. I drank rum punch from the day we landed until the night before we left- that’s the island’s famous drink.

In the Gap we at places like De Shack Grill & Bar, Sharkey’s, Crave restaurant, and a local store Philips. De Shack Grill & Bar’s food is okay I had fries and Jerk Chicken. The jerk sauce was really good but I didn’t like that the serve chicken breast. We ate at Sharkey’s for breakfast their food was pretty good. Overall my favorite place to eat in The Gap is from the food vendors I had amazing Jerk Chicken with pepper sauce, mac and cheese with a side of macaroni salad.

I also had some amazing food at Oistin’s Bay Garden. We went for their popular Friday Night Fish Fry. Now, I’m not a big seafood eater but there was still plenty options for me to choose from. There are so many vendors to choose from and of course they are all selling rum punch to drink. The whole vibe of the night felt like an outdoor BBQ. There is music playing, dance competitions on stage and just good vibes. Oistin’s Fish Fry is a must when you’re in Barbados and make sure you get there early if you want to secure a table to eat at.

Saturday we did the lunch cruise via Cool Runnings. This was probably my favorite thing we did out there. It cost $90 US or $180 Bajan. The price includes: pick up and drop off from your hotel, lunch buffet, unlimited rum punch, snorkeling, and just a good time aboard the catamaran in crystal clear waters. We had like the dopest staff on board; shout out to Marc, Chad and Marlo. They really make the experience one to remember. I know that a lot of people say to do this experience with the Jolly Roger, and I did see their boat and I prefer Cool Runnings! For video footage click here

Sunday we went to Reggae on The Hill at Farley Hill Park, it seems like all of Barbados was at this event as well as people from different parts of the Caribbean, Canada, the UK and US. One thing I realize when I go to Caribbean and African countries is patience. We were only the entrance line for almost an hour; and you would think because we had electronic tickets that line would move quicker than the paper line. It was a good experience going, my feet were killing me from standing for so long; but I got to see Popcann and Spragga Benz perform so that was well worth it.

Overall Barbados is a beautiful island and so much fun. If you love partying, crystal clear waters, Jerk chicken and rum punch this is the place for you!


Travel Information:

Accommodation: Yellow Bird Hotel Suite $264pp

Flight: $360 RT Jetblue

Dates: Thursday April 27th to Monday May 1st

Spent 5 days and only used 3 vacation days


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