Los Angeles, California: Birthday Edition

We’ve been long overdue for a girlfranns trip; so what better occasion to have one than my birthday! It was my first time on the West coast. I’ve only been wanting to go to LA (and Cali as a whole) since forever. The only thing holding me back was that dreadful flight; but I’m glad I did. It was a real eye opener for me.

We stayed in downtown LA at the Mayfair hotel. I hated every bit of it. They were doing major construction, and it was just an inconvenience to say the least. However we still made the best out of the trip and were able to visit a good amount of places in LA. One thing that’s annoying out there is parking, a lot of your money goes into paying parking lots. Most places have reasonable prices but it adds up.

The breakdown by neighborhoods:

Downtown LA:

There are so many places to eat and things to do in Downtown LA. It can become overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re in the mood for. We ate at a few places being that our hotel was there. Border grill over all the place was pretty cool and laid back. We went here for happy hour, the food was pretty good. I had chicken tacos and guac and chips. We also ate at this place called Plan CheckI wouldn’t recommend this place at all. Their food looks and smells amazing; however the taste was giving different vibes. The only thing that I sort of liked was the mango jalapeno margarita; they also gave me a free dessert for my birthday.

Poppy and Rose was my favorite place that we ate in Downtown LA. Their food was spectacular. I ordered the Lumbar Jack pancake breakfast which came with buttermilk pancakes, hash brown, chicken sausage and scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes. The service was really good and fast, the people there are really friendly and easy-going. It was really a nice atmosphere to be in for breakfast/brunch.

The Last Bookstore ! Talk about being fascinated by the dislpay of books! This place is a must go to for all books, art and music lovers. It’s quirky and artistic at the same time.

One thing that I noticed through our travels in Downtown LA was the high number of homeless people. It was very heartbreaking. You could literally be driving on one block and see groups of homeless people then turn a corner and drive a couple of feet down and it’s a nice well established neighborhood.

The Broad Museum ! This place is a must for all art and museum lovers. If you happen to go before September 2017 the Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room will still be there. The wait is insane but it’s so worth it the 45 seconds you get in the room.

Santa Monica:

The infamous Santa Monica Pier is just as beautiful as you see it in all of the pictures. It brings out the inner child in you. There are so many rides and games there but I was only interested on getting on the famous Pacific Ferris wheel. We went on a Friday night, so we saw everything from couples, to families with kids to older couples just taking a stroll. I love the feel and environment, I wish we could have made it there a little earlier so I could catch the pretty sunset. 

After the pier we headed of to Cabo Cantina . This place had my name written all over it. I got a giant mango margarita, mucho nachos and a side of fries. It was so much food that I couldn’t even finish it. The food was really good, probably one of the best meals I had out there. I stuffed my face as much as I can! The music was on point and so was the vibe plus it was happy hour. (FYI there are many locations of Cabo Cantina throughout LA).


You would think because we were in LA we would spend a majority of our time in Hollywood being tourist and what not. However, we only had time to go there on our last day. We had brunch at The Waffle “home of the double size mimosa”. The mimosas are served in mason jars. There food was AMAZING! I ordered The waffle breakfast (substituted the waffle for French toast) it came with scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries. The wait was pretty long, I guess because it was Mother’s Day.

Around the corner was the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  This is something that you have to do when you have time. The stars aren’t straight up and down Hollywood Blvd; they extend to crossing streets as well. Never the less I was able to see a lot of familiar names. I was so sad that I didn’t get to see Mohammed Ali’s star, it was on the other side of where we were (FYI: his star is the only star not on the ground).

Venice Beach 

We spent our beach day at Venice beach. It was everything I expected it to be plus a little unexpected surprises. There was street art on the walls, food places, artistic and crafty people along the streets of Venice. Again I was surprised to see so many homeless people in this area. One thing about Los Angeles is the breezy weather. It wasn’t as warm as we expected it to be and also being in open area made it feel much cooler. Overall Venice is beautiful, next time I go I would like to spend a whole day out there and see some more street art.

Other things we did:

So I hear you can’t go to LA without going to Roscoe chicken and waffles…I went, I tried it and I’ll pass. Don’t get me wrong the fried chicken was good, but everything else wasn’t for me. I feel like it’s so over hyped!

We also strolled down Rodeo drive and got to see all the fancy cars and expensive stores. Pretty dope but I kept all my coins in my pocket.


For those of you who like being active and somewhat adventurous you should do Runyon Canon. There are several entrances so make sure you do you research before going. We did the West trial, next time I want to do the trial going towards the Hollywood sign

Overall, I had a really great experience going out to LA. I had some good food and experienced different but good vibes. I love the different types of food out there. I ate everything from American to Mexican to Thai food. You must try the different taco trucks out there!

Travel Information:

Hotel $116/pp for 3 nights

Car rental $114

Flight $377 RT (United & Virgin America)

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