Appreciate the history! Barbados is filled with so much beauty and history. We took a two hour island tour with Anthony before heading over to Harbor lights beach.

As soon as we left the cruise port we drove past Rihanna’s childhood home. He explained that over the years her family moved from the home but the new owners still allow tourist to come by take pictures and occasionally come inside. When we went the area was pretty quiet, but he told us depending on the time of the year the crowds in front of the home are big.


Throughout our tour we drove through 2 of the 11 parishes in Barbados: St James and St Thomas. In St James Parish we stopped by the Parish Church which is the oldest churches on the island and still actively hold church services.

In Paynes bay we learned a little history about a terror attack where 73 people on the Cubana Airlines flight lost their lives due to CIA linked terrorist. There is a monument in Paynes bay remembering those victims. 


Before leaving the area we drove past Rihanna and Simon Cowell’s condos on ‘One Sandy Lane’. 


In St Thomas parish which is 890 feet above sea level we were able to see the beauty of Barbados from the island’s high point. As we drove to the rest stop we saw the national tree of Barbados which is the The Bearded Fig Tree, we also so the Barbados Green Monkey. It was in a cage but for the most part the monkey was very playful and just jumping around. We saw the national flower of Barbados, which is a pretty orange flower.

After leaving the rest stop we headed over to Harbor Light Beach, we passed through the local roads and saw doctors offices, elementary schools, Chefette (which is like the Bajan McDonalds). Once we got to the beach we met up with the rest of the group, enjoyed the water and then went jet-skiing.  Barbados is such a beautiful island with so much to do. As you may recall on my last trip to Barbados, I told you about snorkeling and sailing on the catamaran. Once again I didn’t get a change to go to Harrison’s cave but I will make it my mission the next time I go to the island. Barbados is one of my favorite islands and I don’t think I would get tired of it; and we can’t forget their infamous rum punch and peppa sauce.


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  1. astoldbyali says:

    What cruise line are you on?


    1. qwanders says:

      Carnival cruise

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