Family Cruise 2017

It’s been a long time coming! We used to do family cruises every other year, then life got busy people got older and things just came to a halt. We as an entire family haven’t been on a cruise for the past 6 years; but Summer 2017 was our come back.


Dope vibes and dope islands! This was a 7 day cruise which left from San Juan, Puerto Rico. We had 1 day at sea and hit 5 different islands. St Thomas, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts and St Marten. There was so much beauty in every island we went to and as I wrote in a previous post about cruises; it’s like a sampler you get to visit all these islands in short periods then decide which one you want to come back to and spend more days in.

Another thing I absolutely love about cruises is the staff and its diversity. Each staff member is from different countries and cities around the world. My favorite staff member was our waiter at dinner Mr Sennet from Haiti. He was just filled with so much life and happiness. I don’t think there was one night where I saw him not smiling or laughing. He spoke to us about his son and older sister living in New Jersey and his other sister in Florida. He told us how much he wanted to travel to Nigeria, that he has the opportunity of meeting many Nigeria guest and also had a roommate on one ship who was Nigerian.


People ask me all the time: what do you do when you’re on the cruise?

There is so much do on board the ship besides the unlimited food. There are bars, lounges, clubs, art galleries, karaoke, comedy nights, game shows, casino, cafes, pools, water slides, etc. Now of course each cruise is different so know I only named the basics above.

However I can honestly say after doing 4 Carnival cruises I’m ready to move on to other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean or Norwegian. They have more than the basics. From zip line, surfing, rock climbing, restaurants and so so much more.

I truly hope that everyone can get the opportunity to experience a cruise a least once in their lifetime.

Be on the look out for my other post on each island we went to!

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