Los Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

So, let’s talk about it! Many of you have asked me about my recent trip to Cabo and now I will be providing you with all the details. Moe and I knew that we wanted to go to Mexico, but just wasn’t sure where. He has never been to Mexico, so I left it up to him to pick the city and then I would do the research for the resort and flights. He landed on Cabo, so Cabo it is!

Now, let me tell you; looking for flights was a little frustrating. When you’re flying out west and it’s international you are left to deal with long layovers and just a whole day of traveling. I kept seeing flight for  $500+ that was a 12 hour travel day (and the 8 hour trips were about $700); that was something I wasn’t really trying to do, so I was determined and kept looking because I knew there had to be something better out there. So, after a few weeks of looking we were ready to throw the towel in and just buy the $500 flight; but for some reason we didn’t get the day we agreed and said we would buy it the next day.

The next morning, I was on my way to work and I received an email that flights went down to $253 RT with Aeromexico. I texted Moe to let him know and he was taking too long to respond (it was probably only 2 minutes) and I just booked the flights for us. I didn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. We could have paid well over $1,000 but ended up paying $507 for the both of us!


Now the next step was confirming the resort; this is where we are so picky. We wanted a resort that was close enough to the downtown area, food/drinks, beach in walking distance (preferably onsite); you know all the things that would make your vacation a vacation. We came across 2 resorts that we were going back and forth with and finally agreed on Cabo Villas Resort. This resort had everything we wanted plus Hookah onsite with cabanas. I wanted to book through my parent’s timeshare (for $500 for the week), but by the time we made up our minds the dates were gone. So we ended up booking with the resort directly; which ended up being a blessing because of all the perks we got.

  • $200 credit for food and drinks on the resort
  • 20% off at all restaurants and bars on the resort (minus 1)
  • Free wifi
  • Free continental breakfast
  • 30 minute couple’s massage and spa use


All these perks added up and helped us to save money while we were out there. We ended converting $100 USD each which with the hotel exchange rate gave us $1765 pesos. I always recommend to exchange at the resort or a trusted place that you know; NEVER in the airport (they give you the lowest exchange rate). Besides the pesos we exchange we paid cash for the Arch tour which was $15 pp and a shuttle round-trip the first night to downtown which was $8 each way. Later in the trip we realized we could just take an Uber for much less ($2 each way). Prior to coming to Mexico we arranged our transportation to and from the hotel with Baja Travel (recommended by the resort) and that was $18pp each way.

During this trip we did a lot of relaxing but also did a few activities and went to the Downtown area. As I mentioned we went on the Arch tour and it was absolutely breath-taking, we saw sea lions and very colorful fish. The water was so rough that day so we couldn’t get a close as we would have liked. The Lover’s beach was also closed because of how rough the waters were. We also went on a sunset cruise (via Caborey) originally $74 a person but we went for free because we went to the Timeshare presentation. ( I recommend indulging in these timeshare presentations; not to buy, but they often come with free breakfast or lunch, free and discounted excursions).



The only thing I was disappointed with at the resort was the hookah weren’t working. It seemed like they only had 2 onsite (false advertisement in my opinion); but were able to find one downtown Fumari Hookah Lounge (about 5 mins from us) and we went 2 nights while we were there.  There are so many food and drink spots downtown, with really good specials. We even went to a place where it was “Ladies night”, I drank for free and Moe got a pretty good deal with his drinks.

Image from iOS (4)

Overall, it was a great and much needed trip; Here are more pictures:











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