Blue Ridge Vineyard & Winery


I recently took a trip to Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania (in the Poconos area) with some of my family. It was a quick getaway; something my parents are trying to keep as an annual tradition. We stayed in their Timeshare at Split Rock- Willowbrook Resort.

Prior to coming, I started looking into different things we could do around here; and I saw that this area was big on wineries and vineyards. I came across 5 or 6 vineyards and began narrowing down the best one for us to go to. The one I came across was Blue Ridge, I thought it would be the best option for us. They were ranked 13th in the nation this year. They give a free wine tour every Saturday at 2 pm and 4 pm; and also, the wine is $7 for 5 wine tastings.

The wine tour was pretty short, and they didn’t go into detail about the vineyard and types of grapes that are used and the ageing process. They mentioned that at 2:30 pm on the weekend they have an Underground experience . You sit in a dim room, and they pair different lighting and music with the type of wine you are tasting.


Picture is courtesy of Google

After the wine tasting, we went to the deck which is a 360-degree view of the Vineyard and Poconos mountains. We had pizza and a glass of wine. I recommend this Vineyard for anyone who would be in the Poconos or Saylorsburg area. Also, on Friday nights they host dinners until 9 pm. You should keep in mind, because of the area, it does get very dark at night and there aren’t streetlights on most of the roads. The winery is located at: 239 Blue Ridge Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353.
See some pictures below from my experience:



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