Dallas, Texas


Visiting family is always a great reason to travel! My cousin moved to Dallas, Texas a couple of year ago, and I’ve been saying that I would go down to visit. Then when she had her daughter last year July, i was determined to finally go. I started looking up flights and low and behold Southwest was having  a sale…the tickets came out to $118 roundtrip, and the one time I decided “oh I’ll get it tomorrow” I went back ‘tomorrow’ and those prices were no where to be found. (Tip: Book now, think later- some airlines have free 24-hour cancellation). So, I kept checking everyday, and a week or so later American Airlines had a sale going on, and I bought my ticket for $156 roundtrip for the weekend after Labor Day.

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I did a half-day at work and left from LaGuardia Airport (their prices are typically cheaper compared to JFK and Newark), and my cousin and I landed around 6pm at DFW airport. About 15-20 minutes later my cousin and her husband were there to pick us up. We were hungry so our first stop was to get food. Normally I am not a big fan of Italian restaurant because i feel that their food isn’t seasoned enough for me; but this time…I don’t know if it was because I was really hungry or because we were in the south (and they know how to season food) but it was really good! Their drinks were too strong, but satisfying nonetheless.

This trip was more to see family than my usual out and about roaming the streets (I’ll save that for my next visit). So Friday we pretty much relaxed most of the day. In the evening we to a place called Angry Dog in Downtown Dallas. I was so hungry and excited that I didn’t even take a picture of the food. It was a huge burger and fries- that’s it and it had me slumped and knocked out for the night.


Saturday late morning/early afternoon we went to brunch at Max’s Wine Dive…my oh my! (I go to brunch on almost every vacation/getaway). Their food was amazing! Thick, moist, and seasoned French toast with strawberries, jalapeno cornbread, crispy bacon, scrambled egg and of course the fried chicken with mimosas. I was literally in food heaven. The service was great, the waiter was friendly.

Later that night we went out to Villa lounge; it was a mixed crowd between Nigerians and every other nationality; and the DJ was pretty good and up to date on Nigerian music. Lounges and clubs close around 2 or 3 am in Texas; so there are after hour spots that people go to. After we left Villa lounge we made our was to the  ‘after hours spot’ now to a New Yorker you would expect for it to be someone’s house or another club or lounge… but NOPE it was in a Chinese restaurant. And it was legal, cops are at the door for safety and the China man is there charging $15 per person, and they have a sign that says ‘BYOB’. When you first walk in it’s very low key people are sitting (on the restaurant chairs and tables), on the side some are playing pool or buying the Chinese food special for $8. This is a legit well thought out business. Towards the back is where you party; it looks like the basement party from Sean Paul’s ‘Get busy’ video. It was really great night and I enjoyed every moment.



Sunday before our late afternoon flight we went to Whiskey Cake in Plano, and met up with some more family.We had outdoor seating which I loved because it was warm outside and it was a perfect summer brunch feel. One thing I noticed about Texas is that they put bacon in EVERYTHING! I order Chicken and Waffles with a side of parmesan fries, do you know they put bacon in my waffles! We also order jalapeno cheddar biscuits for the table, and they had bacon bits in the biscuit gravy. So if you don’t eat swine, make sure you let the waiter know when you’re ordering. We had a piece of whiskey cake also, but I didn’t like it, it was way too sweet for me and their mimosas weren’t all that great.

Overall, I had a great and relaxing trip. I was able to see and spend time with my family. The weather was amazing, the people were friendly and it made me starting thinking that maybe moving to Texas isn’t such a bad idea. As my cousins kept reminding me “Dallas is a growing city and filled with so many jobs and growing opportunities”. I think the one thing besides jobs that has me thinking about moving to Texas is their houses and condos, you get so much for your money…unlike New York!

IMG_4115And this is Princess Ava

Travel Information:

Dates: September 10th- 13th (1/2 day, 1 vacation day, Saturday & Sunday)

Flight: $156 (from LGA)

Accommodation: Free


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