Dallas,TX: Foodie edition

Sooooo I finally made it back to Dallas (after my canceled trip in July), I wasn’t really sure when I could squeeze it in but I made it work. So remember that tip I gave a few post back about taking a few days off in advance?…well I did just that. I booked sometime in September- Delta prices were pretty decent $166 r/t.

I arrived in Dallas on a Thursday around 3:45pm and went straight to In-N-Out… the burger was really good but the French fries were ehhh okay. Well, as soon as I saw that the server gave my salt packets I kind of knew what the deal was lol. It wasn’t until after I left that I was told I should haven’t gotten them animal style (which isn’t promoted on the menu). So that I will be trying another time.

Friday: I went to the Galleria Mall, which I thought was huge (but I was told there a bigger malls out there). The mall is literally like a 5-minute walk away from where I was staying. They have everything in there from “basic stores” to high end. I walked around and did a little shopping for Princess Ava. There is a skating ring in the middle of the mall (which wasn’t open yet). One thing I noticed was how clean the mall was. They even have carpeted floor in some of the main areas.

I had lunch at The Grand Lux Café. My food came super quick (I was literally counting down- because I was starving and also because I was there alone lol). I ordered the lunch special- Chicken Alfredo Fettuccini with a house salad and a side of Mac and cheese. I had excellent customer service. My waitress was very friendly and attentive. I also had a mimosa…well I thought I ordered a mimosa and I tasted vodka not champagne; it was strong as hell but good.

Friday evening Bisi, JP and I chilled for a little bit then headed out. We went to Sura Korean Bistro (a Korean BBQ restaurant). I’ve never had Korean BBQ before, so I’m not sure if all restaurants are set up the same; but we got to pick the meats that we wanted from the refrigerator and every table had a mini-bbq grill on it; so you make your own food. The food was really good, I liked the fact that we are able to barbecue the food to our liking. After eating we stopped by a Karaoke Bar called Family Karaoke.

Saturday we went to a Carnival in East Dallas with Ava, which was pretty cool. After we went to this little hole in the wall Taco spot called The Patio” in Fuel City. It’s in a gas station and the tacos are really really good. I got 4 tacos and a side of street corn. Later that night we went to Heroes Lounge. I had so much fun it’s a Caribbean lounge- they played all of the latest and old dancehall, reggae, soca and even some Afrobeats. Oh and their rum punch….it might be up there with Negril’s rum punch.

Sunday Morning, we went to church at Jesus House Dallas. After church we stopped by at Southwest Supermarket…and let me tell you the food was amazing. So the market is like a Nigerian/African grocery store and towards the back their is freshly made food. I had Asaro (porridge) with fried chicken. And it was AMAZING! Monday morning before my flight back- I had breakfast at Corner Bakery CafeI was kind of expecting more from the food but I guess it as okay for what it was- The Anaheim Panini (turkey bacon, egg, tomatoes, onions and avocado on toasted bread).

Overall my trip was great, and much needed. I really needed a break from New York and I am happy that I was able to make that happen. My method of putting in random days for time off has been working for me. The main reason being that it actually forces me to look for a vacation or getaway. I spent 4 day in Dallas and used 3 vacation days.

For information on my trip to Dallas in 2015 click here

Travel Information:

Flight $167 RT (Delta LGA- DFW)

Dates: October 20th– 24th

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