Brunchin’ in Dallas, TX

If you know me, than you know my love for champa….I mean brunch! There is just something about breakfast/lunch food with champagne that I love. So here are the brunch spots that we went to on this trip:

Edith’s French bistro: We randomly found this place while looking for a place that has brunch during the week days. It’s a really lowkey spot and is located in Mockingbird Station. It wasn’t too busy being that it was mid-day Friday. Their food is pretty good and simple, nothing too over the top.


PS 214: I really loved this place. It is decorated to mimic a school. There are globe decorations and the menus look like marble notebooks and scantron cards. Their food was absolutely amazing. I tried fried buffalo cauliflower, it was my first time trying cauliflower and it was really good. Their fried chicken and waffles is also really good. It comes with a gravy sauce but if you don’t eat pork, you’ll have to do without it. PS 214 is located in Dallas’ West Village

Oddfellows so apparently this a must go to place for brunch when in Dallas. It’s located in Bishop Art’s district. The wait time was a little close to an hour which apparently is really good, because they said on warmer days it can be as long as a three to four hour wait. Our waiter was so dope and personable, he made sure we had a great experience and explained the menu to us being that we were first timers. The only thing that I didn’t like about this place was that they serve mimosas out of wine glasses…I know bougie of me but I don’t care lol. However, their mac and cheese is amazing!!!!

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