Barcelona: Foodie Edition

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a true food lover! When I travel to different places (even in my own city), I make it my business to make sure that I eat good! Before leaving for Barcelona, I tried to look up the best places to go eat and drink; but I was so overwhelmed by all the food choices that I gave up and said we will wing it once we got there. Truth be told, I think I was even more overwhelmed when we were there and looking for places to eat. There are different food spots everywhere you turn.

Below is a list of several places we went to and a quick review:

Pura Brasa: There are several locations for this food place, but we went to the one located near to Las Ramblas. Their food looked amazing and was really good. I wasn’t really hungry when we went so I didn’t order a big course. I open had fried calamari and French fries, and my mother ordered a Caesar salad. I think their food and prices is very worth it. They also have another location near Playa Catalyuna and I read that a lot of people like to go there and eat right before the Magic Fountain shows.

Milk bar: This was probably one of the best meals I had in Barcelona. It’s pretty much a break/brunch/lunch spot. It’s like a tiny space and it’s really calm in there. It’s not a turn up brunch spot so it was perfect for me and my mother. It’s located in Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.  Their food is really good, and a great portion. I wasn’t able to finish my whole meal.

Gaucho’s Restaurante Argentio: Their food is a like a mix of Argentinian and European food. It was a nice low-key restaurant. We went here for dinner one night, I had steak with baked potatoes. Their steak was so fresh and amazingly good, I didn’t really need any sauce for it. They had wine specials, this is definitely a spot you can go to midweek to relax and chill.


 Mussol: Let me start off by saying to location is really dope. It’s near Playa de Espana on top of the 360 degree panorama view….however, our original waitress was rude. We ended up getting another waitress and he was great, so I won’t focus on that. However, I wasn’t a fan of their food, I got grilled chicken and French fries. I am a potatoes lover, however I realized that mainly what they eat out there and I was craving rice or pasta of some sort.

Paella: No unfortunately I forgot the name of the spot we went to after leaving Sagrada Familia. However, I did remember to take pictures of the food. They had some really good chicken and seafood paella and their sangria was made really well. The good thing about Barcelona is that almost every restaurant has paella.

El Arbol: This was one of the dopest places that we to, it was a brunch spot; and actually it was the only place that we went to that had turkey! It was dope vibes and dope music, they played 90’s r&b and hip hop the whole time we were there. I liked everything about this spot and would definitely recommend this a must visit. They also have a dope table in the back with chairs that swing!

Out of China: Now…if you know me then you know I love Chinese food. So of course I had to try the Chinese food in Europe since I’ve read great reviews of how fresh and great the food is, and I must say the food was absolutely amazing. We tried going back for a 2nd day but it was closed (Sunday). They had glasses of champagne for 3 euros!

Piscolabis“bar de tapas”:  I hear you can’t go to Spain and not indulge in tapas. This was actually the last place we ate for dinner on Sunday night. Throughout the day we noticed that a lot of the shops were opened on Sunday, and we later experienced the same things with the restaurants when we were looking for dinner.  We ordered a few plates and some drinks, the best thing to me was their salad.

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  1. Angela says:

    All of that food looks fantastic!

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