Must see places in Barcelona

Here is a list of some dope places I visited while in Spain:

Sagrada Familia is also known as the Sacred Family Cathedral. This is a must go to for so many reasons. The beauty and thought they went into this place. God bless Antoni Gaudí’s vision. The expected completion year is 2026, 100 years after they first began building.

I highly recommend buying the informational tour tickets. It’s one thing to go there and walk around on your own with the basic ticket but with the informational tour your get an explanation of everything you’re seeing and why things are how they are. This particular ticket also included the museum fee which you’re free to walk around after the tour is over.

For information on tickets, click here


Las RamblasTourist central! When doing all of my research and looking at other blogs many people made mention to be aware of pick pocketing. Ladies wear cross over bags towards the front of your bodies and fellas doing put anything in your back pockets.

I wouldn’t really recommend eating on Las Ramblas. I didn’t see good reviews, a lot of mention of the food being pricey but mediocre. I think it’s better for sightseeing and a little shopping. There is a fresh food market called “ Mercat St Josep La Boqueria” and it’s one of the dopest and cleanest markets I’ve ever been to. They have fresh fruits, seafood, meets, candy…almost anything you could think of. And towards the back of the market and along the sides there are places for people to sit eat and drink.

Gothic Quarter and the Cathedral

Gothic Quarter is more so of their artsy and fashionable area in my opinion.The Cathedralis located there, and that’s a must see. From the outside alone you see it’s beauty. We went on all saints day so there weren’t hours for touring but we did go in for mass service and I was able to see how beautiful the inside was, unfortunately during mass we aren’t able to take pictures. Here is a schedule of their free tour times and the paid tour times.

Picasso Museum

Oh Picasso baby! If you’re a lover of the arts and museums then visiting the Picasso Museum is a must. The really great thing is if you’re in Barcelona either on the first Sunday of the month or a Thursday (6:30pm to close) you’re able to get free tickets. For information on tickets click here.

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