Barcelona, Spain

A city of pure beauty! Who better to experience it with (besides bae) MY MOTHER! God has been so good to me and has blessed me repeatedly to visit many places and countries and I thought why not have one of these experiences with just my mother. GIRLS TRIP! I found a pretty good deal withNorwegian $445 RT. 

Where to stay:We stayed at Hotel Cram which was pretty dope. I loved the location. It was walking distance to almost everywhere we went. I would definitely recommend staying close enough to the city and main attractions.


We took the metro just one day. However if you go and plan to do less walking I advise that you get the T-10 metro pass. It’s 10 train or busses in rides for 10 euro verses paying 2,50 euro for each ride. If you’re staying in the center of the city you would find that walking is your best option. 


This was my first time being in Europe and the vibe and people were so much different then the many other countries that I have traveled to. They were more relaxing and easy going. If you’re a big wine lover like myself then Barcelona and probably almost any other city or country in Europe is for you. Wine, sangria and tapas are really big over there.

Money exchange:

I can’t stress this information enough. When you arrive don’t exchange too much money at the airport. Exchange enough for the taxi ride from the airport to where you’re staying. Our ride was about 33 euros; so I would suggest exchanging about $100 US dollars to be on the safe side.

From my experience the best place to exchange money is on Las Ramblas by Placa Catalunya. Their exchange rates are higher and there is no commission being taken out your money. Please stay away from exchanging money anywhere near the cathedral and always always ask if there is commission being taken out. By law they are supposed to inform you, however some places just put up signs in Catalan or Spanish with the information.


Over the next couple of weeks I will put together a series of blogs regarding this trip: must go to places, places to eat, day trip, etc. There is so much that we did and so much for me to speakon that I refuse to jam pack it all into one blog.

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