Sint Maarten| Saint Martin

Moving like we’re locals! This was probably one of the dopest experiences I’ve had traveling period. We rented ATV’s for the day and drove through the island on the street. We traveled through both the French and Dutch side! The people on the Dutch side seem to be more welcoming and inviting versus the French side. When we drove through the streets on the dutch side people waved and honked their horns at us, however on the French side they pretty much didn’t acknowledge us unless they were trying to over take us on the roads.

We used the island map and google maps to make our way through the island. There is so many landmarks that once can visit. One popular place was Oriental beach ( a nude beach) which we didn’t stop by and from blogs that I read prior a lot of olde people actually go there versus the younger adults.  After driving past Oriental beach we stopped by Butterfly farm, but didn’t do a full tour. It was our rest stop and shelter when a quick rain shower was passing by. One thing about the Caribbean is the rain can come instantly but clear up just as fast. The only thing that I wish we did a little different was cut out time to get off the bikes in the local streets and interact with the street cooks. We saw everything from corn and kabobs being grilled to coconuts and fruits being sold. 

After the rain stopped we headed over to the famous Maho Beach…yes the beach where the airplanes fly over. Maho beach is extremely beautiful; the only thing I wish was that they had local food on the beach.There were like two restaurants and they had mostly Americanized food. We ended up having coconut shrimp and guacamole and chips. Another thing is unlike other beaches you have to go into the place to order your food and drinks, there aren’t people walking around taking orders and brining your order to you.


Being at Maho beach is very different and exciting experience. One minute you’re laying on the beach or in the water and its peaceful the next you have airplanes flying over your head. It’s really a dope experience. Heading back to the cruise was a interesting experience. We were stuck in traffic and pretty much almost missed the cruise time to dock.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of Hurricane Irma there was significant amount of damage and destruction done to St. Martin and Maho Beach. I just hope that the island will begin healing and restoring its beauty.

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