Saint Lucia

This island stole my heart! We had originally planned to go to the Pintos mountains, walk through the volcanoes and have a mud bath; but because of the rain we didn’t get of the ship as early as we planned. So we ended up splitting up as a group; the parents went on an island tour, others went to Windjammer beach and the rest to Zip line in the rainforest.


Zip-lining through the rainforest was one of the dopest experiences I had on this trip; I had my go pro, I was taking pictures and videos…got back home to check the footage and NOT ONE THING WAS RECORDED! I’m still upset about that because it was such a great experience that I wanted to share with everyone. A BIG shoutout to Moe for capaturing a lot of these pictures for this post. It started raining when we were zip line and my adventurous side got so thrilled about it until I realized I had over 15 mosquito bites lol. But what can i say, it’s all in the experience. Shoutout to Villian he was our guide throughout the rainforest.


From what the others told me the beach was really dope. Because zip lining took so long we didn’t to enjoy the beach. However, when we went to pick them up…pure beauty! They were drinking straight rum from coconuts and eating roti. Just from the few moments that I was at the Windjammer beach resort I knew that this was a place I was definitely going to come back to, and my plan is to go back there sometime in 2018.



From my short trip to Saint Lucia I can say that I HIGHLY recommend coming here to experience all of its beauty and what it has to offer. Our driver told us that we can’t leave the island without tasting some of their famous banana ketchup and banana pepper sauce..and he was so right, I even bought mango pepper sauce and blazing hot sauce back home.


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