Bermuda: 22 miles of Paradise

Jetblue was so good to us in 2016. One sale or deal after another. So I was able to snag a good deal to Bermuda ($198 RT). So you know me “Ms. Book it now and figure it out later”…that’s exactly what I did! I knew nothing about Bermuda, only that they had pink sand beaches and the infamous tale of the Bermuda triangle. But after all research I did and this trip I know a good amount of information. We travelled the island like locals. There were farms and schools within walking distance. We walked on roads with no sidewalks or street lights (lets not forget cars drive on the opposite side of the road). I really think it’s a blessing being from New York and knowing how to learn and master another country’s transportation system and streets.

We landed around 11am on Thursday-because we knew things in Bermuda were expensive we bought wine and spirits from duty-free. The taxi ride to our Airbnb seemed like forever, but the views of the beautiful blue water made us content. We stayed in a little modern “home” however it was in the foreign lands of Bermuda. We thought we were staying in the city of Hamilton; however it was Hamilton Parish (which we didn’t figure out until after almost every cab driver got lost to our home. Once we got in, we dropped our bags then took a 15-minute walk to Shelly Bay- Marketplace. By the time we got back home it was windy and raining so we ended up staying in that night; we cooked, listened to music and just chilled.

Side note: Bermuda is EXPENSIVE! A loaf of bread was about $6 and Minute Maid Juice was about $5,-just to name a few. We didn’t splurge on food like we normally would and the groceries still came out to $100. Two workers at the Dollar Depot also complained about how expensive Bermuda was and said they come to New York to get everything they want. 

Friday was our tourism day. We took the bus to the Crystal Caves (one of the top attractions of Bermuda); its beauty and history is amazing. Our tour guide was funny with his story telling in his British-Caribbean accent. After the tour we went across the street to Swizzle Inn (Bailey’s Ice cream was closed due to the season). Swizzle Inn is another one of Bermuda’s top attractions. The food was actually okay. I tried conch fritters for the first time…wasn’t really a big fan of it. After leaving Swizzle Inn we took the bus to St. Georges. We walked up the hills to the famous Unfinished Church.

The weather wasn’t what we hoped for but we still went to Tobacco Bay. I was in contact with one of their reps for weeks to confirm whether or not their Friday activities (sunset bonfire, happy hour drinks and food) would still take place. They confirmed that it was and even sent me the schedule and pricing. We got there and it was deserted! It looked like people haven’t been there is a while. The main office, bar and bathrooms were closed and locked. But still determined to make the best of it, we stayed, took pictures then made our way back to the main road to catch the bus back home.

Saturday we traveled to the city of Hamilton. We took the ferry over to the Royal Naval Dockyard. Due to the off season it wasn’t as lively as it normally is. We took a walk around the  Clocktower Mall (which was pretty small); then we went on a Sunset cruise on a private yacht (SeaSplash company). After the two-hour ride we ended back in the city of Hamilton. We went home to get ready for our 9:30pm dinner reservations at Barracuda Grill. I really liked the calamari we had for appetizers and the salmon that I had with my main dish (Bermuda is big on seafood). After dinner we went to Cafe Cairo for drinks and hookah. It’s an African influenced venue and the DJ even played Ghanian and Nigerian music!

Sunday was my favorite day of the trip (because of the weather). We went to one of Bermuda’s pink sand beaches Horseshoe Bay Beach. Very scenic and relaxing. We saw surfers in the water and families and other couples on the sand. After leaving the beach we stopped by Rosa’s (a Mexican restaurant) for take out food. The jerk chicken tacos weren’t that good, but the bbq wings, fries and guacamole and chips were.

Our flight was 12:05 pm on Monday, and we woke up early enough to eat, pack and call the cab. However, our cab still didn’t get to our Airbnb until around 11:15 because it went to the wrong location. We got to the airport around 11:30am (which was our boarding time). We checked in online but Bermuda’s airport system doesn’t support electronic boarding passes. It was only because we didn’t have check in bags they allowed us to still make the flight.

Bermuda Travel Tips: 1. Do as much research as you can before going. 2. Keep in mind that although the Bermudian and US Dollar are interchangeable almost every product is imported to Bermuda so you pay more. 3. It’s cost effective to take the bus than a taxi (starting price was $5.15). 4. Airbnb is cheaper than hotels 5. Stay in the City of Hamilton not Hamilton Parish 6. December isn’t the best time to go if you want steady sunshine.

Overall, Bermuda is beautiful and has a lot of culture. However, if you are looking for a place where your dollar is worth more or if you’re a budget traveller then Bermuda is not for you.

Travel Information:

Dates: December 15th- December 19th

Flight: $198 RT (Jetblue JFK-BDA)

Accommodations: $778

Time off: 2 Vacation days & 1 Personal Day

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful and it seemed like you had a good time! I want to start curing my wanderlust pull and I was amazed of the good deal you got for the RT flight. I definitely will be referring to you for all my travel tips lol.

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    1. qwanders says:

      Thank you so much! And no problem, I’m happy to assist.


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