Travel Tip: Hotel? Airbnb? Resort?

One of the most common questions I get when I tell someone I am traveling or travelled to a particular place is “Where are you staying?” More times than most “an Airbnb” will be my answer; however before coming to that conclusion I do research to compare and contrast all accommodation options. 

Hotel vs Airbnb vs Resort 

I need to make sure that where I stay I am comfortable and the place give me everything I need and more. Even though Airbnb is my most common answer there are times where I have opted out and stayed in either a hotel or resort. There a few times I went with a hotel and wished I chose a Airbnb instead (as you can see in some of my post).

For the most part it’s all about knowing what you need and want out of where you want to stay. Below are a few examples on how or why I decided a Hotel, Airbnb or Resort for certain trips.


In Dubai we decided to stay in a hotel. The main reasons:  it was right by the Dubai Marina and the hotel provided a free shuttle that takes you to the beach and Dubai mall. With this trip we paid more for accommodations but spent so much less when traveling around the city because of our location and the free shuttle at the hotel.


In Bermuda, I stayed in an Airbnb. After comparing hotels to Airbnb’s it easy to see that an Airbnb was the best option. Restaurants and take out food is expensive so we figured we can save some money by grocery shopping and cooking our own meals- so a place with a kitchen was the best option for us.

Another example is the big group trip we did last year to Hollywood & Miami, FL. There was 16 of us. I think it’s pretty self explanatory why we chose a Airbnb. Cheaper cost, private rooms, own pool, a bbq grill, I could go on and on lol.


In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I stayed in a resort because it was $450 for the week and gave us discounts to any excursions we wanted to do. After doing research, I was sold on both of those things.

My point

My point is to do what works for you! Figure out what you want out of your trip and compare and contrast the different places to stay (even if its comparing hotels to one another). Though my preference is to stay in an Airbnb because it feels like home, I do know that sometimes an Airbnb isn’t ideal for the kind of trip that I am on.

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